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February 05 2017

Knit Knight is taking a break this week

February 03 2017

We now have Club Mate

We now have Club Mate for sale in the vending machine!

The post We now have Club Mate appeared first on fizzPOP.

February Make-Along: Chocolate Molds

February 02 2017

201702 RetroEDB #6

Vi arrangerer vår sjette retroEDB førstkommende lørdag 4. februar samme sted som tidligere!

Pocket Party: This Sunday, 3pm

Ein Cybernachtstraum

Die neue Eigenproduktion des c-base Collectivdramas „c-atre“ hat im Februar ihre Uraufführrung. „Ein Cybernachtstraum“ ist eine romantische Comedy mit Musik und Social-Media nach einer Vorlage von Jasper Nicolaisen.Aufführungen: 23./24./25. Februar 2017 jeweils 20h in der mainhall der c-base

mehr infos hier

Die Videomitschnitte älterer Produktionen gibt’s im Netz:

The Time is right (3.7.2014)

When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth (31.01.2013)

February 01 2017

Pumping Station: One needs Makers for Maker Faire Chicago!

Maker Faire Chicago BadgeDo you make things at Pumping Station: One? Do you want to volunteer and help us show the awesomeness of PS:One at Maker Faire? We need you! Pumping Station: One will have a Makerspace booth at Maker Faire Chicago, April 22nd-23rd 2017, and we want to help you exhibit your stuff! Click HERE for our volunteer and exhibition form and let us know when you want to show your work, or when you’re free to help us set up and run our booth.

Call to MakersIf you have a larger project, or a demo, or something that you just want to show independently, you can go HERE to fill out an independent Maker Exhibit application, and make sure you let them know you want to be set up near the Pumping Station: One booth. We want a HUGE PS:One presence at this Chicago Maker Faire, so please, sign up, tell your friends, and let them know we need Makers!

January 31 2017

Intro to Arduino Class on Feb 18

January 29 2017

Hackmiami Conference 2017 conference tickets and trainings now available!

We’re proud to announce the Fifth Annual HackMiami Conference! Join us for a weekend of hardcore presentations, discussions, and training seminars from some of the brightest minds in the industry. From digital warfare to secure coding practices, presenters will cover a wide spectrum of security topics. Purchase your tickets here:   

02-04-2017 How to setup an infosec lab

            Setting up an infosec lab.  W1tch will give a presentation of how to setup an lab environment for information security research and study. This is a talk directed to entry level, IT professionals and students interested in researching and studying information security on computer systems and networks. 2PM – […]

January 24 2017

Screening von „Traceroute“ am 10.02.2017 an Bord

20:00 Einlass
20:30 Filmvorführung: Traceroute (2016), Dokumentarfilm von Johannes Grenzfurthner
Anschließend Filmgespräch mit dem Regisseur
23:00h Lounge mit DJ Saetchmo.

Der Eintritt ist frei.

Weiter Informationen hier im Kalender der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

01-28-2017 Introduction to network scanning – Ace X0r

              Introduction to network scanning.  Ace X0r will give an introduction to network scanning. This presentation will provide common, public and free tools that can be downloaded from the internet and used to perform security scans. Ace will also show what are the common techniques used when performing network […]

January 23 2017

NERP Next: Up to Speed on Motors (Jan 30th)

If you’re a maker, hacker or DIY person, you don’t need to understand how a motor works “under the hood” to use it. However, a bit of theory will help you make the best design choices for your thing that runs in circles. At the next NERP, Jerry Morrow will bring us up to speed on motor technology.


Jerry’s presentation is a full overview of DC and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors and their associated drive circutriy.  Topics include the physics of electric motors, DC motor operation, motor bridges/inverters, control topologies, motor terminology, brushless DC motor operation, hall effect and encoder position feedback, current and velocity control, Park/Clarke transformations, and Space Vector Modulation (oooh..).

People need to make things go ’round. Car wheels, train wheels, drone propellers, compressors and fans in HVAC and refrigeration, hard drives (at least for the moment), reclining seats, robots, power tools, and on and on. Motors are everywhere. The variety of sizes, shapes, and internal structures is bewildering. About the only functional elements that the different types have in common is a moving part and a stationary part joined by a changing magnetic field. Whether or how you can controll the speed, direction, torque, or power consumption depends on the type of motor. Electric motors have been around for about 150 years. Most of the older classes of motor types are still in use, still useful, and still suited to new design.

We are seeing a revolution in motor technology. Software is eating the world, and it’s finding electric motors pretty tasty. The new generation of motors depends on embedded processors to the extent that the software is as much a part of the motor as the shaft. Sophisticated driver algorithms (and in some cases new materials) are making motors smaller, stronger, and more efficient. In addition to making better citizens of existing applications, the improvements open doors to new classes of applications.

Jerry Morrow is, or has been, a bass player, electrical and computer engineering student, home rehabber, sound technician, electro-mechanical actuation software engineer, Japanese student, father, and maker, and member of Pumping Station One,  He prefers the command line, VI editor, and makefiles over IDEs, and wont hold it against you if you don’t.

NERP is not exclusively Raspberry Pi, the small computer and embedded systems interest group at Pumping Station:One in Chicago. NERP meets every other Monday at 7pm at Pumping Station:One, 3519 N. Elston Ave. in Chicago. Find NERP and Pumping Station:One at



Doors open at 6:30pm. NERP is free and open to the public. Ed Bennett ed @ kinetics and electronics com Tags: electronics, embedded, NERP, Open Source, raspberry pi, hackerspace, Beagle Bone, Pumping Station One

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 30. März: Blockchain — Reasonable Hype

Blockchain ist eine Technologie, die seit 2009 existiert, aber erst seit ein paar Jahren für Schlagzeilen sorgt. Im Vortrag werden technische und fachliche Aspekte des Ansatzes erläutert. Er zeigt, warum Blockchain eine neue Dimension der Dezentralisierung und des Peer-to-Peer-Computing darstellt und erst jetzt IoT wirklich möglich macht.

January 20 2017

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 26. Januar: MAL — Make a Lisp

MAL ist ein minimaler, Clojure-inspirierter Lisp-Dialekt. Ziel des Projektes ist es, dem geneigten Programmierer zu vermitteln wie man einen eigenen Interpreter konstruiert. In diesem Vortrag werden sowohl die Sprache als auch der Weg durch die einzelnen Implementierungsschritte präsentiert.

January 18 2017

Celebrations in Pictures – PS:One March Potluck 5th Tuesday

More pictures……

5th Tues. on March

5th Tues. on March

5th Tues. on March

5th Tues. on March

5th Tues. on March

Celebrations in pictures 2016 – Pi Day

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Pi Day 2016

Celebrations in Pictures – PS:One’s 7th Birthday

Another picture….

PS:One 7th Birthday Party
Cake decorated by Shelly Loke

Celebrations in pictures from 2016 501c3 Party!!!

501c3 status party

501c3 status party

501c3 status party

501c3 status party
cake decorated by Shelly Loke

PS:One had some wild events, here are some of the pictures…..

501c3 status party
The aftermath

501c3 status party
Our song!!!

Feminist Pocket Party on February 5th
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