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March 27 2015

04-04-2015 Capture The Packet

      On Saturday  April 4th, 2015 we are going to have a capture the packet competition. Bring your laptop and be ready to grep like a champion!. This will be a warm up for Bsides Orlando 2015 happening on April 10th-11th. Get your tickets and be ready to play K&&K CTF 4!. Hackmiami […]

March 26 2015

Soft Robots for Hard Problems

Need to Test Some LEDs?

I’ve been buying some 3W LEDs from various sources for a project.  Each of those sellers makes wildly improbable claims about the brightness and chromaticity of their LEDs, but I didn’t have a good way to verify them and see which are best.  I found a light meter in the i3 Detroit eLab, but getting […]

March 25 2015

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 26. März: GIT

Die verteilte Versionsverwaltung mit Git ist quasi zum Standard geworden. Der Vortrag geht über das Grundlagenwissen hinaus und erläutert einige interessante Tricks. Abschließend werden übliche Git Workflows vorgestellt.

March 24 2015

Private Virtual Realities Workshop

Spectral Forms

tumblr_inline_nleqv0IQzN1r1ofietumblr_inline_nleshmU6T21r1ofieOver the past few months, we have been working with brain waves. What started at Artek Circle hackathon last year has grown to be Spectral Forms. We have taken consumer-grade EEG wearables, and tried to see what is the potential and limits of these devices are. Available online and for only $50, it has opened up a whole new area to play with. These small devices claim to accurately detect and interpret the tiny electrical impulses our brains output. These impulses can be broadly categorised into four bands, representing four different ‘levels’ of thought.

We have created software programmes that takes in the brain data, then displays it in a number of different patterns. We also play back an audio representation back to the wearer via a bone conduction unit. You can hear a sample below.


Lab in the Gallery

We are now taking the project to the public to try out. From the 24th till the 29 March we will be in the Science Gallery as the Lab in the Gallery . We are hopping that people will drop into us and listen to their own thoughts for a while. During our time there, we hope to work more on the 3D printing of brain wave data and testing the accuracy of the sensors.

 Skull Radio Workshop

We are running our Skull Radio Workshop during our time in the Science Gallery where you get to make your very own bone conduction kit. For more information on the workshop and tickets visit here.

Spectral Forms forms was created by Sinead McDonald, Jeffrey Roe and Krzysztof Foltman with lots of help from TOG members.

March 23 2015

Global Urban Datafest – Smart Bins for Dublin!

Over the 7-8th March 2015, several members of Tog participated in and mentored at the Global Urban Datafest.

This was a globally synchronised hackathon with dozens of cities around the world hosting teams to solve urban problems with open-source hardware, software and data solutions.

Dublin saw many great teams participating — you can check out some of the projects here:

The winning team was Bintel – retrofitting Dublin city’s street bins with sensors and wifi to help make our city smarter and safer.


One of the members of the team was from Tog, and the others are now big hackerspace fans – they are using our space to build more prototypes for their products.

See the project page here for more info.

Overall it was a great weekend, and the kind of environment Tog thrives at.

We are looking forward to host and participate at many more events like this in 2015!




Calling all post-internet, pre-singularity interactivity artists!

TOG Laser is alive

So finally after 7 months of running the laser, we are getting around to making a blog post.


Our Lasersaur 13.04 is working well have been able to cut lots and lots of projects. Come and check it out we have some stuff you can take away with you. Also if you have any projects you would like to try out let us know in comments or join our mailing list.



Welding Class Triple Post. Spring 2015.

Hey everybody, Our amazing Welding Zone Warden, Jody, is hosting a bunch of classes this upcoming week! Check out the info below! Intro to Welding This class is going to be a very basic level class covering what welding is, how to do it safely, and the science behind it. We’ll be using an upper […]
Chez Resistoir, a 2015 vintage

March 22 2015

Scrap Yard Success

Yesterday some of us went on a little field trip to a couple local scrap yards.  We met the people there and learned the ropes of how to do things right and not get hurt while digging for treasure in the piles of stuff they have laying around.  Wear gloves, old clothes, safety glasses, and sturdy shoes!  Stay away from moving cranes!

Here’s one of the discoveries from yesterday’s trip- explosion proof mercury vapor light fixtures:

A pallet full of explosion proof lamps at the scrap yard.

A pallet full of explosion proof lamps at the scrap yard.

And here’s what can be done with about an hour to figure out how to get it apart to remove the mercury vapor lamp and ballast and  clean it up a little.  Another 10 minutes went into installing the hardware, wiring, and a 6W LED bulb.  I wouldn’t call it finished yet- the base is crying out for installation of pipes to act as feet, a little more cleanup, and maybe a dimmer switch.  Total invested: $18 to get the fixture from the scrap yard, and another $12 for the hardware and LED bulb.

Explosion proof industrial lamp turned into table lamp.

Explosion proof industrial lamp turned into table lamp.

March 21 2015

Yuri’s Night Celebration 2015

Yuri’s Night celebrates the first manned space flight. i3Detroit is hosting a Yuri’s Night event on Saturday April 11th starting at 5PM, open to the public. Come to i3 and join the celebration. We will have demonstrations of planetary dynamics, observation of the night sky, water rocket launches, space themed refreshments, videos, and games! When: Saturday, April 11th, 2015 from 5:00 […]

March 20 2015

March 19 2015

Saturday 3/21: Chicago GNU/Linux User Group meeting


WHEN: Saturday March 21, 2015, at 02:00 PM

Linux Charcuterie – How the Linux Sausage is Made

Ian McLeod will take a look at the entire chain of building a distribution from start to finish, exploring how source is packaged and built, and then complex combinations of packages are joined together to make a cohesive Linux distribution. His talk will include include details of how this all works in a diverse set of environments – from aging x86 hardware to public cloud environments, Linux containers, and immutable systems.

Fedora and Project Atomic

Sten Turpin will build on Ian’s talk, giving an overview of Red Hat’s new, container-focused platform, Project Atomic. Basing his talk around the Fedora-based version of the project, he’ll demonstrate how to deploy and use Project Atomic on the Amazon AWS infrastructure.


We will have food! Probably pizza! At least a few of us typically bring some beverage to share, as well. We’re a community-run organization, so we recommend bringing a few dollars if you’d like to partake of the food. No one will be denied a slice of tasty pizza for inability to chip-in, though.

Here is the event on

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March Meeting of the ChicagoLUG

Saturday, Mar 21, 2015, 2:00 PM

Pumping Station One
3519 N Elston Chicago, IL

17 Free Software Users Attending

We will have two talks at this meeting:Ian McLeod (Red Hat) will an give an end-to-end explanation of how Fedora is constructed and released.Sten Turpin (Red Hat) will be presenting a demo of Fedora Atomic with Cockpit and Docker running on AWS.

Check out this Meetup →

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March 18 2015

Open Social with Satellite Ground Stations

This Saturday is our monthly Open Social. We are trying something new this month with having a talk on during the night too. We will have all the normal madness with project demo’s, beer tasting , pizza making and general chatting all round but with a short talk by Daniel Cussen.

Our doors will be open from 7pm with the talk starting at 9.30pm . The event is free and all our welcome.

Talk Title : Creating a Satellite Ground Station

Talk Description: This talk will be about the experiences of setting up a  Satellite Station to talk to the International Space Station. From more information you can view an article in Echo Ireland on the project.


March 17 2015

Pi Day Party – Recap

Thanks to Lyn and everyone who came for an awesome Pi Day celebration this past Saturday, 3/14/15. This year is an extra special Pi Day since we had pi to 4 digits (3.1415).

Skittles and Justin make an Irish Car Bomb pie

The final result

Raspberry pie

Pie cutting

Flourless chocolate cake in front

Raspberry close up


We had 3 apple pies

Spring PotLock this Saturday. March 21st, noon – 6pm.

New here? What the heck is a potlock? It’s an i3 tradition, “potluck” because folks bring food, and “lock-in” suggesting an all-night party. Although lately we’ve realized that all-afternoon works better. (Having an official tools-down, pat-each-other-on-the-back time is important.) It’s also the best way for new members (and non-members) to get more involved and connected! […]

March 16 2015

Epson Stylus Pro 9500 large form printer

Epson Printer

We, at tog, like to extend the usability of items for as long as possible. (Or at least that is our excuse for all the out-of-date tech laying about.) So back in May of last year when we were offered a very large format printer, it was hard to say no. (Stay with me sewists.)

Some members took it in, gave it some TLC, and we even found a roll of paper at ReCreate! But then we hit a problem. The last available drivers for it are Windows XP 32-bit. Which is not exactly commonplace anymore.

Then, a short while, and some internet searching, ago, we discovered that gutenprint-cups, the default printing facility on many linux distros actually supports this printer! It’s not hard to install; plug in the USB cable, open a browser, go to http://localhost:631/ and press the right buttons. Done.

Long story short; the printer lives again! And for you sewists out there; ever buy a digital pattern and have to spend hours taping together A4 sheets? Well, if you can also get a large form pattern, you won’t have to do that anymore! Just visit tog some Craft Night and we’ll sort you out!

NERP Tonite! A Red Pitaya (And a special request.)

NERP is not exclusively Raspberry Pi, the small computer and embedded systems interest group at Pumping Station:One in Chicago. NERP meets every other Monday at 7pm at Pumping Station:One, 3519 N. Elston Ave. in Chicago.
Tonight at NERP, Drew Fustini will introduce us to a brand new, small single board Linux computer. The Red Pitaya is so different from, say a Raspberry Pi that comparing the two would be like comparing, well, raspberries and pitayas. The Red Pitaya (pitaya is also known as dragon fruit) does high speed high quality data acqusition and control with several kinds of i/o. Scientists and engineers can use the Red Pitaya to build custom hardware and virtual instrumentation interfaces for precise measurement and control applications. The ADC/DAC’s are very fast compared normal embedded systems. The processor configuration is also different from normal RPi class systems. To give an idea of just how different the Red Pitaya is from an RPi, the Red Pitaya’s Hello World program is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Drew will show us how  to get signals of various types into and out of the Red Pitaya, and some examples of time and frequency analysis can work in virtual instrumentation. Delicious. Also, Drew does Really nice slides!

Speaking of analog — Tonight we’ll have a brief diversion into the land of discrete analog electronics. The Colpitts oscillator is an alternative to Direct Digital Synthesis for producing sine waves in the RF spectrum. Joe Talafous has been working with the Colpitts circuit, and he will show us how to get RF out of a few cheap components. I like to remember that Electronics for the DIY’er used to be “hard” before the advent of Arduino shields. Facetiously it might be said that analog RF is _real_ electronics.

A special request for a worthy cause: Cathleen Doyle (cdoyle at northbrook dot info) tells us that the Northbrook Public Library will be running a whole month of programs this June highlighting maker/diy activities. They’re hoping to find someone who could give an awesome, introductory lecture/demonstration on the many uses of Raspberry Pi’s and how they work. Would there be anyone PS:One could recommend and who would be willing? We do pay!

Find NERP and Pumping Station:One at
Doors open at 6:30pm.
NERP is free and open to the public.
Ed Bennett ed @ kinetics and electronics com
Tags: electronics, embedded, NERP, Open Source,
raspberry pi, hackerspace, Beagle Bone, Element14, Pumping

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